Our Crammer Courses

  • Significantly increase your chances of passing the examination

  • Use valid and reliable statistical research and analysis to create a timetable that targets the most relevant subject areas to teach

  • Radically improve your knowledge and understanding of the law on your syllabus.

  • Allow you to assess your knowledge and understanding of the law by applying it to multiple-choice questions.

  • Offer you logical alternatives to simply guessing "C".

  • Boost your confidence to deal with the exam.

The content of the course relates to the appropriate syllabus for Sergeants’ or Inspectors’ candidates and is based on relevant sections from the three Blackstone’s Police Manuals (Crime, Evidence and Procedure and General Police Duties).

The course demystifies your examination material and cuts out unnecessary and overcomplicated legal jargon. This allows you and your lecturers to make the most economical use of the time you have together and to concentrate on your knowledge and application of the law. Crucially, our course content is directed (via valid and reliable statistical research) towards areas of the law that will maximise your opportunities to answer a wide variety of questions correctly.

The course material is tried and tested and provides you with an excellent opportunity to understand the law in action and to test your knowledge and application of the law. This testing of knowledge and its application is crucial. Over the three days of the course, you will answer numerous multiple-choice questions (MCQ’s) during lecture delivery. This process serves to reinforce the knowledge you gain from our lectures. The simulation of the type and style of question you will face in your examination is an excellent method of assessing your knowledge and understanding and is first-rate practice for your real examination.

Electronic Voting System (EVS)

Candidates are often concerned that when they answer questions in lectures they will answer incorrectly and consequently be embarrassed.

This worry can prevent their participation or lead to them taking hints from the answers of others and does not help them to understand the law. To assist candidates in the learning process, all of the multiple-choice questions along with the true/false questions used in our lectures can be answered using an electronic ‘Electronic Voting System’ (EVS) which we will provide to you to use for the duration of your course.

These simple hand-held electronic devices allow you to interact with the all of the questions posed. Your answer is transmitted to our computer and the results of the class are then displayed within our PowerPoint presentation. This totally anonymous system means that at no stage can you be identified as having not taken part or as having answering a question correctly or incorrectly. You will still be able to see for yourself how your knowledge compares to that of other candidates, helping you decide which areas of law you need to pay more attention to during your revision period.

This self-assessment process allows you to have confidence in providing us with your answer and allows us to gauge class understanding of the law. We can then quickly clear up any ambiguities or misunderstanding without identifying any particular individual and move on to the next topic.

Not only do candidates find EVS a fun way to learn but there is a great deal of research showing that these technology-supported assessment methods lead to improvements in candidates conceptual reasoning and exam performance.

This teaching method works extremely well and has been successfully used to educate candidates taking their promotion examinations. These candidates have all provided extremely positive feedback in relation to our method and have consistently outperformed their peers on every occasion it has been used.

The content of our course allied with our unique delivery method means that we offer you an enjoyable tailor-made course that maximises your chances of success.

high pass rate
consistent results
vast experience

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