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Our lecturers possess the knowledge, experience and credibility to deliver the very best crammer course to you.

high pass rates
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“I got number one in the country scoring 93% in the 2016 SGT exam. Your course was invaluable with helping me achieve that.”

Matthew Hogg - (1st in the 2016 SGT exam) - attended our 3-day course in Bushey

“The course was informative, well-presented but above all enjoyable. The Hot List and exam tips are invaluable!”

Nicki Allen - (joint 1st in the 2017 SGT exam) - attended our 3-day course in Kent

“Paul & Julianna are incredibly knowledgeable about the syllabus. The interactive questions are a great way to check your knowledge. A very worthwhile investment.”

Simon Green - (joint 1st in the 2017 SGT exam) - attended our 3-day course in Derbyshire

‘The crammer course was fast paced, funny and enjoyable making the subject matter clear, easy to understand and memorable. I have no doubt that without the course I wouldn’t have scored the pass mark that I did. I would highly recommend the course to anyone taking the NIE exam!’

Leah Gillon - North Yorkshire Police - 1st (Nationally) in the November 2021 NIE (97.14%)

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